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Wood Floor Cleaning and Conditioning


Have your hardwood floors lost that shine you loved so much when they were new?

Our cleaning process cleans any type of hardwood floor, pre-finished, polyurethane sealed, and laminate that still has a finish. Allstar Service’s system is designed to restore your hardwood floors finish to its original luster. It is a cleaning and conditioning process only and is not designed to remove deep scratches or dents. 

Simply dust mopping and vacuuming is the best regular maintenance you can do, but professional hardwood floor cleaning can prolong the life of your wood flooring. Depending on how busy your hardwood floors are, you should consider cleaning them 1 to 4 times per year for most hardwoods. Light surface scratches in solid or engineered wood floors that do not have professional periodic maintenance done on them, will eventually lead to a costly refinishing.

If you floors show signs of more serious damage, refinishing may be necessary. Keep in mind that engineered floors cannot be refinished or they can only be refinished once since they are layers of veneer over pressed board. 

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