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Upholstery Cleaning

It is important to take care of your upholstery as like carpet it will trap oils from skin, dust and dirt from clothing, pet dander, and soak up food or liquid spills. Over time the build up will cause your upholstery to look dull and dingy. It’s a good idea to vacuum your upholstery from time to time to remove loose dirt and dust, but to remove the soil you should have it professionally cleaned. It is recommended to clean furniture annually.     

The upholstery is cleaned using an extraction unit. The cleaning solution is applied to the furniture, and then after it has broken up the soil, both soil and cleaning solution are extracted from the furniture. The drying time may vary depending upon the type of fabric used on the furniture. Typical dry times are 6-8 hours, but drying may take up to 24 hours. 


Sometimes fabrics are designed to hide dirt, dust, and spills but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. I’m going to share with you a few simple tests you can do to see if your furniture is ready for a professional cleaning. 


    – Place a bright light over the top of a cushion and using a stick or a wooden spoon hit the cushion two to three times. Observe the amount of dust that is released into the air. If you see a cloud of dust keep in mind that you only released a small amount of what is built up in your furniture. 


    – Secure a piece of thin black cloth with a rubber band at the end of your vacuum hose – let it fall slightly inside the hose. Now place your upholstery tool on the end of your hose, and vacuum across the top of your cushion. Take off the upholster tool and observe all of the dead skin, dander, and other particles. If you see any accumulation it is time for a cleaning. 


    – Moisten a white terry towel with a little water; briskly rub it across one of your seat cushions or arms. Look at the towel. What do you see?


    – Take a breath and completely exhale. Then place your nose three inches above the seat cushion and waft the surface air to your nose using one hand in a fanning motion. Do you notice any odors? Soil accumulations cause bacterial growth that feed on the contaminants and creatures living in the fibers of your furniture fabrics. If you furniture has a noticeable odor it should be professionally cleaned right away. 

You should protect your furniture once it is cleaned. Applying a protector to your upholstery fabric gives you an extra defense against future spots and spills. It helps in keeping dirt, dust, and spills near the surface so they can be more easily removed rather than soaking into the furniture. 

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