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Tile Cleaning

Tile Stripping Waxing & Burnishing  

We believe that caring for your floor is a crucial part of keeping a clean and presentable home or office. Just like your carpet, hardwood, or tile and grout, your vinyl composition tile or (VCT) needs periodic maintenance as well. While mopping your VCT flooring on a regular basis is great for everyday upkeep, over time dirt and grime scars the wax finish turning your once mirror like floor into a dull and dingy surface. We offer two options for maintaining your VCT flooring depending on the current condition of your VCTs finish.

 Strip & Wax

    This process involves complete removal and recoating of your floors wax finish. With a complete strip and wax we will remove all of the scratches, uneven wear spots, dirt, and grime from your floors finish. This will allow for a clean base on which to apply fresh sealant and wax, providing your floor with a rich and glossy shine. If the surface of your flooring shows signs of deep scratches and areas of uneven wear spots from heavy traffic this process would be recommended however, if the VCT flooring has been neglected for a long period of time and the finish has been diminished with wear some tiles may have irreversible damage. 

Tile Burnishing

    If your floors show limited signs of wear and have simply lost that glossy shine, tile burnishing may be for you. With this process we will treat your floors with a high speed burnishing buffer and polish, returning your floors to a mirror like finish. 

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