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Tile Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning


Bring back the color and luster of your tile and grout flooring and surrounds. 

Hard surface flooring can add beauty and character to your home but just like any surface it requires cleaning and maintenance. The common misconception that tile and grout requires less attention than other flooring options such as carpet is not true. Even if you clean your tile floors on a regular basis, you will probably notice over time your grout lines and tile start to become darker. This is because grout is porous and can easily trap dirt and grime. As more and more dirt becomes trapped, the darker your grout lines will become. 

Think of your tile and grout as you would carpet flooring, you vacuum your carpet on a regular basis but every so often you will need your carpets professionally cleaned to pull out the deep down dirt. The same holds true for tile and grout, while mopping your tile on a regular basis is great maintenance you should still have your tile floors professionally cleaned to remove the deep down dirt.

While tile and grout flooring may be the largest tiled area throughout your home, don’t forget about your other tiled areas such as your bathroom and kitchen.

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