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Epoxy Flooring

Above and Beyond The Conventional

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Garage Floors Galore

Chemical and stain resistant, with excellent abrasion resistance. We offer a variety of garage floor coatings to improve the look of a garage while providing outstanding durability.

Residential Opportunities

In a residentail setting our Reflector Enhancer flooring is easy to maintain and anti-microbial. Available in a satin or glossy finish with a wide aray of colors. 

Commercial Flooring

AllStar Services provides the latest in Resinous flooring based on each individual customers request. With resinous flooring you can be sure that you are getting a product that will last and look amazing.

Reflector Enhancer floorings are high build, self leveling, fluid applied floor coatings that are great for residential and commercial applications. Being hard and resistant to abrasion, chemical and stains you can choose any special colors to match design or preferred colors. 

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