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Carpet Cleaning

– Low Moisture & Hot Water Extraction

We pride ourselves of staying up to date and consistent with advances in carpet cleaning technologies as well as offering multiple carpet cleaning processes.

Low Moisture – The truth is that not every carpet-cleaning job is the same. For instance you may have an RV or manufactured home where the subfloor is different than that in a modular or stick built home. If the subfloor becomes over saturated during the carpet cleaning process it can cause irreversible damage resulting in costly replacement. For an environment such as this we would recommend using a low moisture process.

Hot Water Extraction – While there are environments where low moisture processes are a better suited; there are some environments where hot water extraction can be more effective and efficient. For instance if you have a heavily trafficked or commercial area hot water extraction would be a more efficient process for removing grease and grime, at the same time sterilizing the carpet with steam. 

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