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Carpet & Fabric Protector

Once you have made an investment in cleaning your carpets and upholstery it is important to protect them from permanent stains, ugly spots, pet urine, liquid spills and etc. that can possibly damage the fibers. A protectant will prolong the life of your carpet and upholstery and help you minimize and control the damages.

Reasons to consider using a carpet & fabric protector:

    – Your fabrics will last longer after applying the protectant. 

    – A fabric protectant will reduce permanent stains and spots by repelling the             liquid allowing you to remove spot and spills more effectively.

    – Carpets are much more vulnerable to wear and tear especially on heavy traffic     areas where dirt can literally tear your carpet fibers.

    – An unprotected fabric is defenseless. 

    – Applying a protectant will also make it easier to clean your carpet; more soil will be removed the next time your carpet is professionally cleaned.  

    – Carpet protectant allows vacuum cleaners to work at an increased efficiency.

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